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Dedicated Email Servers

Secure Email Servers for companies

Extremely fast and efficient next generation "DEDICATED" email servers

These are no-nonsense MAIL-ONLY servers with top of the line

anti-spam, anti-virus, anti-ransomware, SSL, Calendar, etc.

We also provide dedicated SMTP servers for Bulk email marketing, email newsletters, email promotion and all types of bulk email services

Also check out our unlimited bulk email service packages

Prices start @ just Rs. 29 per user* per month

Call:   +91-9891 999 000   or Email:

Why "Dedicated" servers ?

Your Email Server will be dedicated for your emails only

That means all Hardware and Network resources are used by you only

Only your mails will be going to people from this server IP.   So your email's deliverability will not effected by other shared server users' activities

It is not a shared server like google's or several other free email providers.  In order to cover their costs, they load tons of unwanted SPAM ADVERTISEMENTS on your screen.

A well known Free email provider is suspected of tracking emails and then use the data/keywords in your emails to selectively show you Ads.

Hosting companies often put too many domains on their servers till they are overloaded - As a result everyone's mails become slow and unreliable

In addition to security, being on a dedicated installation also means customization to your individual requirements.

And more uptime, since any problem created by other users will not effect your server.


Mail Server Features

Finer Print: Not all features are included in all server packages

Email Server

All standard protocols like




SSL Encryption

Mobile compatible

Cool and simple interface

for mails while you are

on the move


Multiple Anti-Virus

and Anti-Malware

for your protection

SSL Certificate*

Free SSL Certificate loaded

for Secure Communication

SSD Drives

High speed SSD drives

Very fast

Static IP

Your server -

Your Dedicated

Static IP address

Better email delivery


Best in looks

Efficient & user friendly

Check Email



Manage Folders

Address Book import

Multiple Anti-Spam

Multiple Anti-Spam

software & features


Hardware Firewall


Software Firewall

with selective Port blocking

2 TeraByte Data

2,000 GB traffic

allowed every month

Support for DMARC

Supports essential

technologies like




rDNS Pointer


Control Panel

Create & Manage

Domains & Users

Change Passwords

Create Rules

Assign quotas


In-Built is a modern Calendar

to help you with your work.

Compatible with modern systems like

Mozilla Thunderbird,

MS Outlook,

Google Calendar, etc.

Proxy Anti-Spam*

A Powerful Anti-Spam

Proxy server stands between your Email server and the Internet and checks every mail that goes through


Expandable to

8 TeraBytes

> 8,000 GB space

Software License

All Software Licenses

are included

as applicable


Mail Server UI Snapshots

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