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About us was started by young IT professionals way back in 1998

That was 22 years ago !

That was when most people in world had not heard of the words like "computer" or "internet"

We have come a long way, leaving behind a trail of landmarks and guidelines which helped several IT companies start their businesses

180 servers in multiple geo locations

Loads of email servers, in multiple countries, with smart, automated load-balancing
Ensuring super-fast and reliable email delivery


After running email campaigns, you can see detailed reports of numbers and % of: percentage of:
  • Emails Opened

  • Links Clicked

  • Unsubscribes

  • Bounces due to incorrect email

​You can also see "which email IDs" opened

your mails or clicked on them.  You can use

this data for follow up campaigns !


Like most other businesses, prices depend on volumes

Bigger the payload, lower the rate per email

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